Our Services

MotorWeb provides several different information services for Insurers to meet a range of information requirements, to enable improved efficiency and accuracy across all areas of an insurance business.

Quoting and Sales

The Auto-ID specifically designed for simple identification of a vehicle and the corresponding Glasses NVIC code, designed for deployment in sales environments such as call centres, websites and integration into existing business systems.

Sales, Claims, and Customer service

The AutoReport is designed for vehicle and risk factor identification, providing alerting to serious issues (WOVR, stolen) along with comprehensive vehicle details, registration expiry date, VIN and engine number. This provides instant access to all key vehicle information and issues with the vehicle, allowing for greater business intelligence concerning the vehicle involved in sales, claims and all operational areas of the business.

Claims, Investigations, Assessing, and Total Loss

The AutoReport-PLUS is the most comprehensive vehicle query available in Australia incorporating all vehicle details held on NEVDIS from the various Road Transport Authorities, along with Manufacturers generation/Grade information, engine details, registration expiry, vehicle identifiers, WOVR history and Stolen jurisdiction information. Designed for maximum information on any registered vehicle for use in claims, investigations and assessing and total loss applications.

The various products provides valuable information to assist in a number of areas;

  • Vehicle identification & details
    Be 100% sure of the vehicle you are dealing with based on its main identifiers, jurisdiction, current plate, and year.
  • WOVR status and history
    Fight back against fraud with real-time access to the WOVR status and WOVR history of vehicles. Identify those vehicles you have on risk, and 3rd party vehicles that have been written off previously, and may be involved in staged accidents and re-birthing.
  • Stolen information
    Instant access to a vehicles stolen status from all Police jurisdictions, along with Police incident number, and date of stolen report.
  • Manufacturer details
    Confirm Generation, grade, Manufacturer model ID to validate the vehicles details and ensure correct pricing, and exact vehicle specifications for replacement vehicles and fraud investigations.
  • Registration expiry details
    Have access to the Jurisdiction and registration expiry details for sales, customer service, and fraud investigation purposes.
  • Glasses information
    Identify the corresponding Glasses NVIC once for the vehicles you search to allow instant pricing, identification of risk, and access to specification information.